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●  Anti-spoofing face liveness detection● Premium audio and video quality● Real-time entrance monitoring● Remote door opening● Multiple access methods● Android 5.1/SIP/ONVIF/Wiegand/PoE/IP65

مشاوره و بازدید رایگان

مشاوره و بازدید رایگان

رایگان در تهران
نصب و راه اندازی

نصب و راه اندازی

توسط تیم متخصصین آزموده
تضمین اصالت کالا

تضمین اصالت کالا

همراه با گارانتی معتبر
Physical & Power
Size: 324x130x27mm (HxWxD)
Body material: Aluminum
Camera: 2 Mega pixels, automatic lighting
Relay In/Out: 3/3
Card reader: 13.56MHz & 125kHz
IR Sensor
Installation: On-wall or In-wall
Water-proof & Dust-proof: IP65
SIP Features
SIP v1(RFC2543), SIP v2(RFC3261)
Audio codecs: G.711a, G.711μ, G.722
Video codecs: H.264
Echo Cancellation
Voice Activation Detection
Comfort Noise Generator
Video Features
Resolution: up to 1080p
Maximum image transfer rate: 1080p - 30fps
High intensity LEDs for picture lighting during dark hours
Door Entry Features
Android OS for any 3rd party software or customization
Internal DPDT relay for controlling a door opener;
Relays controlled individually by DTMF tones or messages
Multi-way Unlock: IC Card, and PassNumber;
G-sensor for self-defence alarm
Volume control for speaker
Gain control for microphone
Camera permanently operational, not just during calls
White balance: auto
Viewing angle: 120 °
Auto-night mode with LED illumination
Minimum illumination: 1LUX (without LED illumination)
Max call length setting
Network features
10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection
DHCP Client or Static IP
Administration Features
Auto-provisioning: FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS/PnP/DHCP
Configuration management: web-based management or auto provisioning
Audio Features
1 built-in microphone with IP67 rating 2W speaker with IP66 rating Codec: G.711a
Application Scenarios
Office door phone with on-site or hosted IP-PBX
Remote site entry over Internet
Apartment / flat intercom with door access control
Business information or a welcome experience for guest

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